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Complete 100% Natural and Organic Cannabis cleaner

WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover is the only national brand of cannabis cleaner available on the market today, that is 100% Completely SAFE for YOU and the ENVIRONMENT. WeedWipes has been designed and tested by scientists and chemists specifically for the cannabis industry and is EPA (US) and EuroFins (Canada) compliant. Protect your investments and provide complete cleaning care to the pieces and equipment you love.

Safest Cleaner on the Market — No Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives – 100% All Natural

Most national-brand cannabis cleaners available on the market today are toxic, combining 100% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) with harmful abrasives and fragrances to cover-up their product’s toxicity and otherwise harsh chemical smell. While other brands take pride in their products only containing 3% VOC’s — 3% exposure to toxins and cancer-causing agents is still too much!

WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover contains no alcohol, acetone, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), D-Limonene, salt, clay or other harsh abrasives—claims no other brand can make! Our scientifically engineered formula contains nothing more than a perfect combination of Nature’s goodness, combining 100% natural and food-grade plant, fruit and nut seed oils together, creating Nature’s Ultimate Resin Remover, Preventer and Neutralizer!

Safe for You, Safe for the Environment

WeedWipes is the only National Brand Cannabis Cleaner that is safe for contact with human skin and safe to dispose of down the drain of your sink. Most local water treatment facilities aren’t equipped to handle ISO & salt, or any of the other toxic combinations sold on the market today!

Save Your Money

A few drops of WeedWipes goes a long way. No more buying that big bottle of cleaner and using all of it for just one cleaning! Cleaning is now so simple, quick and easy, you’ll want to do it daily, just so you can always enjoy the taste of your weed, not the resin it creates!

Save Your Time

NO MORE SOAK and WAIT! Unlike other national brands, there is no soak and wait. No more waiting 30 min – 8 hours before you can use your piece. WeedWipes instantly encapsulates, attracts and captures resin, then just rinse Wipe, rinse in hot water or wash, depending on your need.

What Can You Clean with WeedWipes?

Our product is scientifically engineered to remove, prevent and neutralize ANY plant matter! While our product was created specifically for cannabis & hemp, our products works amazing on all stubborn plant matter, regardless of the type of plant!

Company Founded on Values & Education

WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover & Preventer.  Here is our MSDS. This ethically and scientifically states “non-hazardous good”. Our company is driven to educate the consumer – providing this education allows the consumer to make a healthy choice!

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