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Would you eat your resin remover?

WeedWipes, so Natural you can eat it

WeedWipes Vs Competition, Formula 420 or ISO alcohol

WeedWipes Vs Competition, Formula 420 or ISO alcohol or Randy’s or purple power or…, there is no competition. They are all the same old solvents.  They are basically paint strippers! They damage metal and plastic plumbing, countertops, paint and many surfaces in your home. Solvents break down chains like the polymer chain of your laminate countertop. Or the Protein chain of a microbe, germ or bacteria. You are just a big protein chain and it is trying to dissolve you as well.

WeedWipes contains NO alcohol, acetone, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), D-Limonene, salt, clay or other harsh abrasives— 0% hazardous chemicals in your cleaner. Based on a completely new way to break down resin. WeedWipes is odorless, inert, kills germs, bacteria and microbes. It works insanely well on all cannabis stickiness while being completely EDIBLE!

These are some of the huge amount of info on the Environmental risks of using ISO and the other Solvent and VOC based cleaners.

WeedWipes, is Edible, Cheaper, Works on all surfaces and is completely Harmless to the environment.

No more soak and wait.

When it comes to WeedWipes Vs Competition, Formula 420 or ISO alcohol, some make you wait 30 minutes up to 8 hours. Didn’t you want to smoke now?

Other cleaners want you to shake your bong like a chilly chihuahua before the resin begins to break down.

WeedWipes breaks down and removes resin —then Wipe, rinse with warm water or wash with detergent depending upon your needs. This amazing formula not only saves a lot of time, it makes daily cleanings simple and easy since resin no longer sticks! We have the tools to agitate the stuck on resin from brushes to the very cool Canna Mag magnetic cleaning tool. Be sure to visit the the How To Use WeedWipes page for videos and more instructions.

Because WeedWipes formula is incredibly effective, only a small amount is needed per cleaning.  This means the days of buying a $15 bottle of Formula 420 for just a few cleanings are long gone. WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover & Preventer provides dozens of cleanings from a single bottle for $7.99, which saves you money. In fact, WeedWipes is cheaper than Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol per use!

WeedWipes has received numerous endorsements ranging from multiple International Government agencies, to Hospice & 420 nurses throughout the World, as the only approved and truly safe cleaner for use in the cannabis industry.


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Our incredible formula is Private Labeled by many companies as their cleaner.   

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