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WeedWipes Pipe Brush 8 inch for pipes, bowls and stems.

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This 8″ soft-bristle Pipe Brush has a snipped end to fit into most pipes, stems, and other glassware.


WeedWipes Pipe Brush

WeedWipes Pipe Brush

This 8″ soft-bristle Pipe Brush has a protected, straight end to fit into most pipes, stems, and other glassware. Sturdy yet bendable, the WeedWipes Pipe Brush is perfect for all your pipes, stems.

We developed a line of custom brushes designed specifically to clean hard to reach resin. WeedWipes strong, yet flexible, brushes are perfect for use with WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover.

Apply a few drops of WeedWipes to the brush and watch that sticky black goo emulsify before your eyes. Add a couple drops of dish soap to completely and efficiently clean your favorite pieces.

WeedWipes Pipe Brush is durable

This bendable brush is made with stainless steel wire so it will stand up to many uses. Add a few drops of WeedWipes before you start to make cleaning up even easier and

WeedWipes Pipe Brush is perfect for your pipe, stem, bowl, water pipe, or hookah.

WeedWipes Vape Brush — this 8” soft-tip versatile, bendable, yet rigid Vape brush removes  debris but doesn’t leave behind the fuzz of traditional pipe cleaners.
To clean the brush use a few drops of WeedWipes and work it into the bristles then add dish detergent and and work that in, rinse in hot water.

Do not use brushes with solvents.

Solvents break down Chains like the Polymer Chain that is the bristles of the brush. Solvents also oxidize metal, Solvents are NOT cleaners.
Do not use a brush as a poker. If you do it will forever be a poker with resin ground into the wire and fibers. Use a poker, that is its job.

The larger the openings in your pipe the easier access to clean and it improves airflow. Everyone hates letting your thumb off the carb and the hole being too small and it still pulls smoke through the bowl.


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