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WeedWipes Oversized Bong Brush

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The WeedWipes Oversized Bong Brush is perfect for your wider, bigger bongs, and water pipes.


WeedWipes Oversized Bong Brush

WeedWipes Oversized Bong Brush. We developed a line of custom brushes designed specifically to clean hard to reach resin. This strong, yet flexible, brush is perfect for use with WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover.

At nearly 16 inches long, this brush is capable of reading almost anywhere.  Finally, cleaning your water pipe or hookah made simple.

Apply a few drops of WeedWipes to the brush and watch that sticky black goo emulsify before your eyes. Add a little hot water and a couple drops of dish soap to completely and efficiently clean your favorite pieces.

This Oversized Water pipe Brush is perfect for your wider, bigger water pipes.

This is the Big Boy. Loop end so you can attach an extension for the really tall pieces. To use WeedWipes Oversized Bong Brush you need WeedWipes. If you use solvents like Isopropyl (rubbing) Alcohol it will break down the bristles and oxidize the metal.

WeedWipes cleaning brushes are specifically designed to work with our amazing WeedWipes, to clean even the dirtiest water pipe, pipe all the way down to a vape pen.  Sturdy, yet bendable, they will last for many cleanings.

WeedWipes Oversized Bong Brush

Made to clean most large water-pipes, and hookahs. It is a 16” bendable, semi-rigid, fan-end, firm bristle brush. The large end is perfect to getting down inside taller pieces.

Do not use brushes with solvents. Solvents break down chains like the Polymer Chain that is the bristles of the brush. ISO oxidizes metal. These chemicals are NOT cleaners. Solvents also break down protein chains and YOU are a protein chain.
Do not use a brush as a poker. If you do it will forever be a poker with resin ground into the wire and fibers. Use a poker, that is what it is for.


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