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WeedWipes Deluxe Resin Remover Cleaning Kit

  • $40.00

WeedWipes & Canna Mags—the most-amazing marijuana resin remover combined with rare-earth magnetic scrubbing power…resin doesn’t stand a chance! CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE COLOR.



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Canna Mag has a new new look and design but the same great magnetic scrubbing power.
Resin removers are not all the same and the WeedWipes Deluxe resin remover Cleaning Kit is the most advanced bong and pipe cleaning system available on the market. WeedWipes Deluxe resin remover Cleaning Kit includes one of our amazing Canna Mags cleaning wands enabling you to scrub your bong from the inside. This magnetic cleaning wand is for the hard to reach places and uses powerful Rare Earth magnets coated to protect your bong, to provide scrubbing power from the INSIDE. It reaches places cleaning brushes simply cannot helping in the never ending fight against resin, the WeedWipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit leads the way. Includes a 2 oz bottle of WeedWipes Natural resin remover, enough to clean your piece 40-50 times. This is your tool kit for all you smoking needs. VIDEO

The workhorse of brushes with 2 brushes in 1! Made to clean most bongs, water-pipes, and hookahs, it is a 16” long bendable, semi-rigid, fan-end, firm bristle brush. The large end is perfect to reach down inside taller pieces, while the smaller end is perfect for the neck and down stem plus 3 more brushes and the Canna Mag..

How often should you clean?

Dirty bongs are harsh, foul-tasting, smelly, and might put you at greater risk of developing a lung infection. But, how often should you clean your piece?

For heavy consumers, the correct answer to this question is once every day. At a bare minimum, heavy consumers should use fresh bong water every day. For everyone else, the healthiest way to smoke out of a bong is to clean it after each use and let it dry completely before storing.

You spent a lot of money on your weed and your piece, take care of it like you take care of your dishes, plates, bowls and silverware by cleaning them daily

WeedWipes Deluxe resin remover Cleaning Kit

1) WeedWipes 2-oz container
2) Canna Mags Resin Scrubbing tool
3) Double-ended bong brush
4) Pipe brush
5) Vape brush

Canna Mags Resin Scrubbing tool

The coolest cleaning tool paired with all the brushes and the world’s best cleaner for cannabis!

1) Handmade in Colorado.
2) Rare Earth Magnets coated to protect your piece.
3) Expansion kit available with larger shuttle for big pieces and a small shuttle for tight spaces
4) Shuttle stores in wand.

Additional information

Color of Canna Mag

Black, Orange, Purple, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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