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WeedWipes Cleaning Kit

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This 2-oz bottle of WeedWipes Resin Remover is enough to clean 50 pipes or 40 bongs or water pipes—more than 1000 drops per 2-oz bottle.


WeedWipes Cleaning Kit — this 2-oz bottle of WeedWipes Resin Remover is enough to clean your bong 40-60 times.

The WeedWipes Cleaning Kit includes our most-popular items combined for a discount that will save you money!

1) 1 WeedWipes Resin Remover 2-oz bottle
2) Double-ended bong brush – This is 2 brushes in 1. Made to clean most bongs, water-pipes, and also hookahs, it is a 16” bendable, semi-rigid, fan-end, firm bristle brush. Dual purpose, the large end is perfect to reach down inside taller pieces, while the smaller end is perfect for the neck and down stem or even your favorite pipe!
3) Pipe brush – This 8″ soft-bristle Pipe Brush has a protected end to fit into most pipes, stems, and other glassware. Flexible and bendable , the Pipe Brush is perfect for large opening pipes, stems and bowls.
4) Vape and/or stem brushes – Our 6” soft-tip versatile, bendable, yet firm Vape and/or Stem Brush remove debris from the tiniest nook or cranny, but does not leave behind the disgusting FUZZ of pipe cleaners.

WeedWipes strong, yet flexible, brushes are perfect for use with WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover since solvents like ISO will destroy them (and you).

WeedWipes is odorless, tasteless, inert (cannot form new chains or compounds when mixed with other chemicals), Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal natural plant-based oils specifically formulated to break down all 5 kinds of resin from the oily to the crusty. It keeps the water clean between rinses by killing bacteria, mold spores and microbes and is not a growth medium. Just rinse in hot water to clean.

WeedWipes Cleaning Kit costs less than any other cleaner per use including ISO.

WeedWipes cleans all cannabis from trim scissors to dabs.

The formula works on any surface from plastic, acrylic, paint, laminate, tile and wood floors.

WeedWipes has no odor or harsh chemicals, just plant, fruit and nut oils (not known allergens)

Natural plant based oils cannot harm you or the planet.


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