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Titanium Dab Cap

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This Titanium Dab Nail Cap accommodates the 6-in-1 Titanium Dab Nails.


The Titanium Dab Cap

Accommodates the 6-in-1 Titanium Dab Nails. With a dabber at the top and a cap that perfectly covers the nail when cooling. This is a two piece Titanium Dab Cap and Dab tool. Used to carb your dabs for optimal hits, as well as functioning to apply dabs to the nail of your choice.

When using an electronic nail, we highly recommended you use a carb cap tool. When using a carb cap, you will now achieve larger hits while using less shatter.  In addition the amount of waste decreases when using a dome-less nail.

Why use the Titanium Dab Cap on your nail?

Many people are familiar with the rise of ‘carb cap’ use among the dabbing culture. If you are unfamiliar allow us to clarify.

Using a carb cap allows you to heat up the nail to a low temperature, allowing for true vaporization rather than the undesirable combustion that occurs on higher temperature dabs.

You simply heat the nail just to the point where you start to see it glow. Then, allow the nail to cool off for a very brief moment, and apply the oil to the moat of the nail. You should notice the oil pool up, rather than incinerate upon contact. Quickly apply the carb cap to the top of the nail while you continue to inhale; because the cap retains heat like a lid on a pan, the pooled up oil will begin to vaporize at a low temperature, causing the most effective and flavorful dab possible. The carburetor hole in the carb cap causes a vortex of air to be directed at the moat of the nail, which assists in spreading and thinning the oil across the entire surface of the nail’s moat. This ensures that all of the oil vaporizes quickly, and that none is wasted.

Remember, always clean all of your paraphernalia with WeedWipes Resin Remover.


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