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FlexFit WeedWipes Hat

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These comfortable and adjustable hats perfectly show your support for clean smoking!

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FlexFit WeedWipes Hat

This hat combines comfort, style with its classic look and ideal blend of materials. The FlexFit WeedWipes Hat can easily go from the golf course to family outings. Furthermore, the contrast underbill is a striking, almost understated look that reduces sun glare. In addition, Mesh back adds ventilation to this cap to help keep you cool and dry.
The structured, medium profile design is a crisp and sporty look where it can block the sun but not your eyes.

1) 44/42/7/7 polyester/nylon/cotton/spandex
2) Structured, six-panel, mid-profile
3) Premacurv® visor with matching undervisor
4) Sewn eyelets
5) Sizes: S/M (6 3/4″”-7 1/4″”), L/XL (7 1/8″”-7 5/8″”)

The WeedWipes logo is stitched, not stenciled. A very nice hat you can be proud to wear.

This hat will make a statement!

Not only that you realize cannabis is a good for everyone but you think about your choices. Instead of toxic solvents you choose the Natural Resin Remover that cannot harm you or the planet. Join in the cause to stop the use of Solvents and VOCs in the cannabis industry. Join the fight for fresh, tasty hits every day! Let your friends know it is NOT COOL to dump rubbing alcohol or other solvents into the environment. Let them know it harms nature causing birth defect in animals and is toxic to aquatic life and we are dumping millions of gallons every year.  Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is directly linked to ALL cancer and is very hazardous material and should NEVER be poured down the drain.

Every day you have a choice. We appreciate your choice in WeedWipes. If you have made it this far you deserve a medal. You believe in the WeedWipes product enough to think about buying a hat. Contact me directly, Jim Berry, about some free stuff. I am at the office all the time. 303-232-2301.

Strive to stay high


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Additional Info - Platinum Cured Silicone - Great for Consumption Events - Doctor Recommended - Prevents Illness and Reduces Spreading Germs - Tapered, Flexible Design Fits Most Devices - Dishwasher Safe

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