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DAB Drops Get dabs out of most fabric, blue jeans to silk

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Get dabs out of jeans. Remove dabs from FABRIC! Remove 20-30 stains!


DAB Drops Get dabs out of most fabric, blue jeans to silk

Get dabs out of jeans! Dissolve And Break up Formula (the DAB formula) saves that favorite pair of blue jeans, T shirt, dress or other garments. Dabs are the worst kind of sticky. When dabs fall on fabric it forms around the fibers and makes a hard little spot that feels bad, ruins your clothes and is impossible to remove, until now. With DAB Drops Get dabs out of most fabric, blue jeans to silk! Get dabs out of that favorite T shirt! Remove Dabs naturally, safely and effectively. Enough to do 20 to 50 dab stains depending on size.

How does it work?

This 2 part formula (Dissolve And Break-up) is the breakthrough that takes those nasty little dab nuggets out of clothing!

DAB Drops formula 1 Dissolve Dabs from fabric

A. Dissolve, First saturate the dry stain with as few of drops as possible. Work it into the fabric for a few seconds until you feel it dissolve. The formula breaks down the dab in seconds without toxins, solvents or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). It is perfectly safe to handle the Dissolver formula. You can actually feel the nugget dissolve under your fingers. Immediately add formula B.

B. Break-up. Squirt on enough to easily cover all the area moistened by Formula A. Work into the fabric it will turn white with fine foam but make sure all areas and is fully worked into the fabric.

DAB Drops Formula 2 Break up dabs from fabric.

Now you can use water and rinse thoroughly in very warm water.  Launder as usual. Repeat if needed but fabric must be dry.

DAB Drops 2 part formula,

THE ONLY WAY to save those jeans and other clothing you were about to trash.

Dissolve and Break-up plant based Natural formula dissolve dabs down to the fibers of the fabric. Then formula B breaks it up to wash away.

Warmth helps store in a warm place, like your pocket.

Remove Dabs from fabric naturally, safely and effectively. Now you can get those dab stains  dabs out of jeans.

Enough to do 50 dab stains or more depending on how messy you are.

Use on dry fabric only. Test on an inconspicuous spot. Suitable for most fabrics, silk to denim.






  1. Jim Berry

    WOW, I saved 3 pair of jeans and 2 shirts from becoming rags!
    Jim B.

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