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WeedWipes Deluxe resin remover Cleaning KitWeedWipes Deluxe resin remover Cleaning Kit

WeedWipes Deluxe Resin Remover Cleaning Kit


WeedWipes & Canna Mags—the most-amazing marijuana resin remover combined with rare-earth magnetic scrubbing power…resin doesn’t stand a chance! CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE COLOR.

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WeedWipes Cleaning KitWeedWipes Cleaning Kit

WeedWipes Cleaning Kit


This 2-oz bottle of WeedWipes Resin Remover is enough to clean 50 pipes or 40 bongs or water pipes—more than 1000 drops per 2-oz bottle.

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WeedWipes Double-Ended Bong Brush


Double-Ended Bong Brush is the workhorse of the brushes we sell. This is 2 brushes in 1.

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Showing all 3 results