10ml bottle

10ml Bottle may be small, but it can clean a 10 inch bong 10 times with the right tools. Dissolve resin without harming the planet. Natural, odorless, tasteless, inert, yet kills germ, microbes and bacteria while being completely harmless and edible! Works by polar attraction and encapsulation. Just a few drops on any resin stain will dissolve that resin, then simply wipe away.

Works on any surface; plastic, acrylic, laminate, paint, metal, glass, skin, hair and any finished surface.

Works on trim scissors to dabs and all plant stickiness.

Works by polar attraction and encapsulation. The most natural way to clean. Encapsulation theory states that any 2 compounds that come together and can mix, one will be dominate over the other and dictate how both will react to the environment.

Sticky resin is encapsulated by the WeedWipes and is no longer sticky. you simply wipe, rinse in hot water or wash with detergent depending upon your needs

Try the full line of brushes and Canna Mag, the right tools.

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