Let’s face it; Pipes are basic. A good-sized mouthpiece and carburetor, the right feel in your hand and a bowl-hole and size you prefer, and you are done. It is like buying a dish, pot or a glass. It is your basic way to smoke. (rice papers and blunts are ok but taste funny and waste smoke).

Your pipe… It used to be beautiful when you bought it. It felt good. You liked smoking from it, but now it is black, ugly and smells bad like a turd.  Cleaning was too hard, smelly, toxic and useless since it was going to be dirty again in minutes and who would want to put themselves through that again?!?

With just a minute or 2 of regular maintenance you can have smooth and tasty hits. Not only does it keep you from having to do a major clean, it ensures the best air flow and even burn to get the most out of your expensive bud.  Besides, that first hit from a clean pipe is heavenly…

If your pipe has never been cleaned and is crusty, if you need to poke it just to get airflow or when you do a hit without weed it gives you a big resin cloud (and a headache), well then, your only option is to boil. You can do all your small microwave safe glass pieces this way.

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