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How WeedWipes Works, the science behind it.

The simple answer on How WeedWipes Works, the science behind it is Polar Attraction and Encapsulation.  Basic encapsulation theory states that any 2 compounds that can mix, one will be dominant over the other. It then dictates how the new compound will react in the environment.

Literally WeedWipes changes the nature of resin. It is just no longer sticky

WeedWipes encapsulating resin

WeedWipes Resin Encapsulation

This represents the various resin molecules shown in red being encapsulated by the components of the formula shown in gold.

Each golden form indicates a different triglyceride in the WeedWipes formula that have varying attributes. These correspond to the several types of resin shown in red. From the oily stuff at the butt of a joint to the crusty black around the rim of the bowl all are encapsulated and  no longer sticky. Simply wipe, rinse in hot water or wash depending upon your needs.

Our product is scientifically engineered to remove, prevent and neutralize ANY plant matter! Created specifically for cannabis & hemp, the formula works insanely well on all stubborn plant matter, regardless of the type of plant! WeedWipes is also odorless, tasteless, inert, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. WW creates an environment where germs and microbes cannot survive yet it cannot harm you or the planet!

Polar attraction.

The technical broad definition for polar attraction is Ion-dipole force; An ion–dipole force consists of an ion and a polar molecule interacting. They align so that the positive and negative groups are next to one another, allowing maximum attraction.

Burnt resin or plant matter is negatively charged from combustion releasing an ion. WeedWipes is positively-charged, therefore resin and WeedWipes naturally want to come together. When combined, WeedWipes is dominant and encapsulates the resin. If resin is stuck on, it requires agitation by brush or Canna Mag. WeedWipes immediately begins breaking down the resin. Not only is it no longer sticky, quite often it is no longer black. Rinse away resin and WeedWipes by Wiping, rinsing in warm water or washing in warm soapy water depending on your needs.