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How to use the Canna Mag cleaning tool

Just tap the yellow end 3 times on a hard surface to slide the shuttles to the end. Use the big one that looks like an eraser. Drop it into the hot rinsed bong with a good squirt of WW. Use the wand to guide the shuttle through the formula and scrub the interior clean. Add detergent and repeat. This takes me about 1 minute every morning. That is how to use the Canna Mag cleaning tool.

Get the bong, water-pipe, bubbler or hookah or any water base paraphernalia. Ready by rinsing out well in hot water. The HEAT is important. If the piece has dried out let it warm up for a while with hot water, like soaking a dirty pot.

Pour out all the water but keep as much heat as possible. Use the wand to guide through the squirt of WeedWipes and the resin. Scrub as fast as you can, it will keep up.

Add dish detergent and scrub again.  When you think you have it all add hot running water and continue scrubbing. This gives you a perfect white background of bubbles to see any spots you have missed.

Better than any brush! Scrub your bong from the inside.

The fastest and most effective way to clean. PERIOD! Now you can just guide the coated, rare-earth shuttle magnets through the resin and let the WeedWipes formula dissolve that nasty stuff. As with any cleaning, remove all loose stem, bowl, slide or catcher and wash these as per pipe maintenance.

How to use the Canna Mag cleaning tool.

Rinse your piece thoroughly in warm water. The heat helps. Pour out the water and the cleaning process begins.
  • Tap yellow end of wand 3 times on a firm surface to knock the shuttles into the yellow cap.
  • Remove the yellow cap, which removes the shuttles and then drop in one of the shuttles, usually the red one that looks like an eraser.
  • Squirt in a good amount of warm WeedWipes.
  • Use the wand to guide the shuttle through the WeedWipes and the resin and scrub.
  • Go fast! The force is strong!
  • Add detergent and scrub again and rinse clean just like your breakfast dishes.

Cleaning your bong with WeedWipes Canna Mags is super simple and this usually takes less than one minute for a 15-inch beaker bong.


Remember, WeedWipes is an amazing preventer…add one drop per inch of bong, to prevent resin from sticking and making all future cleanings simple, quick and easy!

Some pieces with multiple percolation may have inaccessible areas or ‘chandeliers’. Please use WeedWipes resin prevention to keep these areas clean.

Please watch this video where I rinse a bong clean for the 147th day in a row. I dropped it on the 152nd day…


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