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How to Remove Resin from your Sink

WeedWipes is the Next Generation in cleaning and works on any finished surface! Storage jars, tools, trays, kitchen sinks, counters, walls, floors, paint, plastic, fingers, hair, glass and all paraphernalia. This is the basics of How to Remove Resin from your Sink.

  • Use a soft cloth or paper towel and add a few drops of WeedWipes to wipe away any finished sticky surface.*
  • Use any of our specialty brushes to scrub those tough to clean finished surfaces, then wipe away.
  • Finally, wipe clean with hot soapy water

Wash your glass coffee pot then wipe with a few drops of WeedWipes Resin Remover on a paper towel … STUNNING RESULTS!

– Removes resin from any smooth, finished surface including: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, acrylic or any finished surface!
– 100% natural, organic, renewable plant-based oils.
– Safe for rubber and silicone.
– Rinse resin away using only hot water (when used as a preventative.)
– Odorless, tasteless cleaner that will not affect the flavors or your favorite flower or concentrate.

WeedWipes cleans all cannabis from any finishes surface.

It works on any surface from plastic, acrylic, laminate counters, painted walls.

WeedWipes has no odor or harsh chemicals, just plant, fruit and nut oils (not known allergens)

The plant based formula cannot harm you or the planet.

WeedWipes costs less than any other cleaner per use including Isopropyl Alcohol, saving you money.

Cannabis is expensive and tasty. If your piece stinks that’s going to dominate the smell and diminish the flavor. Use WeedWipes daily and taste the weed, not the resin.

We all are Sick and Tired of the same extreme chemicals to clean. Cannabis is natural. Shouldn’t the way we clean be just as natural?

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