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How to remove Dabs from Clothing

Dab drops 2 part formula

It is inevitable if you do dabs, that you will get some on your clothes at some point in time. The harder you try to remove it, the more it sticks. It ruins your clothes. Chances are you downgraded some clothes to the the rag pile. These hard little nuggets wrap themselves into the fibers and REFUSE to come off. Multiple washings with every cleaner you own and nothing works. Well, This is How to remove Dabs from Clothing.

Dab Drops special 2 part formula Dissolves And Breaks-up dabs from most fabric from silk to denim Finally you can get those nastynuggets off of your jeans.

DAB Drops formula 1Part 1 Dissolve. Apply a few drops of the green bottle right on the stain and work into the fabric. Within seconds you will feel the nugget start to dissolve. Work in until it is completely dissolved. If you need to add a drop more formula and wait. Do not stress the fabric, just gently work in and let is set for a few minutes. repeat until it is all dissolved


DAB Drops formula 2Part 2 Break-up. Saturate all areas left wet by Dissolver.  Work in completely until it turns white and feels foamy. Make sure to cover all areas!

Rinse in warm water, then launder. This special 2 part formula is the ONLY WAY to get your clothes back

DAB Drops dissolves the dabs from most fabric. As with all things test on inconspicuous spot.

How to remove Dabs from Clothing

  • Locate the resin/dab stain and work a few drops of formula 1 into the stain until it begins to break up
  • Then saturate wet area with formula 2 and work that into the stain.
  • Now rinse the spot with warm/hot water.
  • Immediately wash item in laundry, instantly removing the stain and returning your clothing to use.

It is that simple! Repeat if needed but the make sure the article of clothing is dry. WeedWipes is hydro-phobic which means it does not like water and water will displace it.


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