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Drum trimmer after WeedWipes and 15 seconds

How To Clean Your Automated Trim Equipment

How To Clean Your Automated Trim Equipment. WeedWipes cleans and lubricates your machinery and expensive equipment, reducing stress and wear, extending its’ life and value. Industrial sized-bottles ranging from 8 oz up to 55-gallon drums (store in warm, dry environment).

Use on gummy heavy machinery to free up stiff rotor, tiller, pivots and moving parts. Use on trimmer plates to the zipper on hopper styles. If it is sticky WeedWipes can lubricate and clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

How To Clean Your Automated Trim Equipment. Start with a small amount to test. Do not saturate, wipe on. The longer you leave it warm and coated, the easier it will be to wipe away. Most cannabis or plant-based messes dissolve instantly in WeedWipes Resin Remover and Preventer.

Lightly moisten a soft cloth with WeedWipes. Wipe sticky surfaces. Warmth helps and time helps Wipe off (or wash with detergent if appropriate)

This Trimmer gets dirty fast

Do not use on electric connections. Do not saturate, a small amount is sufficient. Smaller parts can be submerged in warm WeedWipes overnight use our Ultrasonic Cleaning System for effortless cleaning.

WeedWipes works on blades, zippers and metal surfaces.

Lubricate sticky points and joints. Reduces motor stress and extend the life of your expensive equipment. Used on all trimmer types from plate, trammel, mesh/zipper, tumbler, bowl, spin, barrel, dry, wet, rotor and shredder.

If you deal with cannabis, you deal with stickiness. There is always something WeedWipes can clean as a healthy alternative over harmful solvents. As always, please follow all manufacturers recommendations regarding the cleaning and care for your equipment!

WeedWipes is odorless, tasteless, inert (cannot form new chains or compounds when mixed with other chemicals), Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal natural plant-based oils specifically formulated to break down all 5 kinds of resin from the oily to the crusty. It kills bacteria, mold spores and microbes and is not a growth medium. Green Broz LogoTrimWipes labelGlass blunt logoEnviresin Logo

WeedWipes is private labeled by all of theses companies and many others

Made to clean cannabis stickiness from trim scissors to automated trimmer systems.

WeedWipes works on any finished surface including plastic.

The formula has no odor or harsh chemicals, just plant, fruit and nut oils (not known allergens)

WeedWipes cannot harm you or the planet.

Finally, WeedWipes costs less than any other cleaner per use including ISO.

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