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How to Clean Vapes, mod boxes and tools

New designs are coming out every day but generally there is a power source, combustion chamber, coil and mouthpiece. Desktop models have some extra spiffy things. If the power source exterior ever gets sticky use a soft cloth or paper towel and a few drops of WeedWipes to wipe any surfaces or parts. These are the basics of How to Clean Vapes, mod boxes and tools.

First of all, warmth helps so warm WeedWipes by microwaving for 10 seconds.

Disassemble all parts. Basic parts like globes, mouthpiece, tubes and non-electrified parts can be brushed or wiped with warm WeedWipes. The longer you leave them and the warmer they are the easier the wiping. Use a drop or 2 on the small Vape brush to scrub all non-electric parts. Wipe clean or wash with detergent as applicable. DO NOT wash any electronic part. Wipe only, then sparingly.

Manufacturers recommend; DO NOT touch the electric heating coil. To clean that combustion chamber, use a very small amount of WeedWipes on the vape brush and scrub easily accessed areas. Go back over with a cotton swab shaft. Do a dry burn to remove excess.

How to Clean Vapes, mod boxes and toolsWeedWipes 2oz Bottle and Vape brush

2oz bottle and 2 vape

The 2oz bottle will last the life of most vape pens.

Size 1 Vape. This 7” soft-tip versatile, bendable, yet rigid Vape brush is our smallest in the line. Remove debris from the tiniest nook or cranny but does not leave behind the fuzz of traditional wire pipe cleaners. Our favored brush for dabs, waxes and concentrates.

WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover 2oz. bottle. Cleaning just became easy.  A little does a lot of cleaning. Clean fast daily for just pennies. Keep your equipment clean and functioning optimally. There is nothing worse than leaking in your pocket



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