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How to Clean a Pipe, bowl or small microwavable piece (Simple weekly maintenance clean)

Let’s face it, pipes are basic. A good-sized mouthpiece and carburetor for airflow, the right feel in your hand and a bowl-size of your preference. It’s your basic way to smoke. (rice papers and blunts are OK, but they taste funny and waste smoke). With just a minute or two of regular maintenance, you can have smooth and tasty hits! Pipe cleaning becomes very easy. This is the basics of How to Clean a Pipe, bowl or small microwavable piece.

  • Rinse your pipe in hot water. Most of the resin should come out if you have seasoned the pipe. (see below)
  • WeedWipes Resin Remover and scrub with appropriate brush through all accessible openings. next time buy a pipe with bigger openings
  • Use detergent and re-brush.
  • Rinse clean.

Cleaning Your Pipe (Complete Clean)

If your pipe has never been cleaned and it’s crusty, if you need to poke it just to get airflow or when you do get a hit it tastes like nasty resin — your only option is to boil. You can clean all of your small, microwave-safe glass pieces this way!

  • Submerge multiple microwave safe glass pieces in a microwave-safe bowl
  • Squirt in a couple of tablespoon of WeedWipes Resin Remover, fill the rest with water to cover pieces
  • Cover with paper towel
  • Microwave the liquids and your pieces until it begins to boil.
  • Throw away the paper towel. (Be careful; it is hot and stinks)
  • Rinse pieces under hot water until they cool enough that you can touch them. (Do not shock the glass with chilly water, they will crack)
  • Rinse clean and then pre-treat with a few drops of WeedWipes

Seasoning the pipe

clean pipes

Clean hits of Cannabis, not resin.

When your pipe is clean (or for a brand-new pipe), apply a few drops to the appropriate dry, clean brush. Then and coat the INSIDE of the BODY of the pipe with a very thin layer of our resin preventer. This is similar to ‘seasoning’ a fry pan and will allow you to just quickly rinse the resin away in warm water on a daily or weekly basis. Do not season inside the bowl or combustion area. This area is ‘tempered’ and should just be wiped clean.

Everyone rinses out their coffee cup because coffee is does not leave much residue. Cannabis leaves behind a smelly sticky mess. Now you can clean it much easier. If you buy a pipe and never clean it you only had a few good hits. The rest have been resin coated smelly and growing progressively worse.

That first hit from a clean pipe is always the best. You remember that hit…

Taste your Weed, not your Resin.

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