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How to Clean a Bong, water pipe, Bubbler or Rig

How to Clean a Bong, water pipe, Bubbler or Rig is easy. First get the piece ready. Rinse as many chunks out as you can in hot water. Not only does it make it easier for the cleaner, but the heat gets the resin molecules to start moving. Next pour out all the water. Squirt a little WeedWipes into each opening. You don’t need much to clean the whole piece. You can also squirt some on your brush to make it easy to clean. Brush all the surfaces you can reach from any opening. This should just take a few seconds. As soon as the formula on the brush hits resin it wipes away. If you are using the Canna Mag drop in a shuttle and scrub with the wand.

For ‘dead spaces’ where percolators block brush access, locate the main area where you can create some water movement with the brush, add in the hot water while pulsing the brush, creating water movement, pressure and some circulation. This will allow our amazing formula to get to the ‘unreachable’ places through water movement.

Continue scrubbing and running hot water through until clean. This should take less than a minute. As you become familiar with how to clean your piece you will be able to clean very quickly.

Rinse stem and bowl in hot water. Using appropriate #4 brush and WeedWipes, scrub, scrub and rinse. Any further mess can easily be removed. A few drops on a paper towel will wipe up any resin left on the sink, tile, counter, or painted wall (wow you got it everywhere!). Work a few drops on to the brush, add detergent and rinse it back to new.

Now for the best part

Prevent resin from ever sticking in your piece again! Add 1 drop of WeedWipes per inch of bong. Add water and SMOKE as much as you want. The next day rinse in hot water and it comes back to the same clean with no smell or resin…every time!

FYI — Some dirty bongs have areas that never seem to come clean. Continued use of WeedWipes as a preventer will eventually erode those dirty spots away for good!

That’s a natural resin remover!Would you eat your resin remover?