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Would you eat your resin remover?

The Next Generation in Resin Removal.

Cleaning with WeedWipes is cheaper, safer and faster. In today’s growing cannabis industry, glass pipes and water bongs are more complex than ever. Most water bongs today have built in ice catchers, complex chandeliers with intricate tubing. For some, they’re pieces of art and an investment you want to protect. Cleaning with WeedWipes is the safe and natural way to clean any cannabis mess.

Over the counter cleaners are primarily salt, Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, acetone, VOC’s and D-Limonene (all hazardous materials), they are only semi-effective, attempting to dissolve resin in your piece. This process damages your glass and leaves the smell and taste of those hazardous chemicals behind. They damage your plumbing and are actually quite toxic.

Cleaning with WeedWipes

WeedWipes works by Polar attraction and and Encapsulation which changes resin on a molecular level so it is no longer sticky.WeedWipes encapsulates resin as soon as they mix. Our brushes and Canna Mag tool for reaching that nasty resin. No soaking or waiting around for your cleaner to become effective, as soon as they mix the resin is no longer sticky. Just wipe, rinse or wash depending on your needs. No hazardous chemicals and no smelly residue.
This is a Natural product so you do need to Wipe, or brush the resin which is why we offer a full line of tools. Like the Brush kit and the Canna Mag magnetic scrubbing tool.

WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover is the only national brand of cannabis cleaner available on the market today, that is 100% Completely SAFE for YOU and the ENVIRONMENT. WeedWipes has been designed and tested by scientists and chemists specifically for the cannabis and hemp industry and is EPA (US) and EuroFins (Canada) compliant. Protect your investments and provide complete cleaning care to the pieces and equipment you love. The best part is you get to taste the Weed, not the RESIN.


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